Mergers and acquisitions

Concentration in market has not improved conditions or outlook

The fabric of the economy, that is the enterprises that compose the Greek market, is in a slow but steady process of transformation. The number of companies in commerce and production is fast declining as shutdowns increase, but this process is not being accompanied by the streamlining that is expected from economic theory.

Complex rules delay NPL management licenses

The reason for the delay observed in the licensing of companies to manage nonperforming loans - whose applications have risen to 10, up from seven submitted by December - is the particularly demanding institutional framework. Out of the candidate companies, just one has received a license, with the other nine still pending.

Turkey's merger and acquisition volume plunges amid security concerns, economic problems

Turkey's merger and acquisition volume plunged by over half to $7 billion amid security concerns and rising economic problems, according to a new report, which showed that many foreign direct investors have been steering clear of Turkey. 

The Merger and Acquisition Transactions Report by EY showed on Jan. 12 that Turkey's M&A volume has plummeted to its lowest level since 2009. 

Off balance

Things have definitely changed in Greece but this is not necessarily something that the country's politicians and certain businesses have grasped. The game, as it were, has become much more complex and more global. Take a look at the banks, the mergers and the big company takeovers.

Ernst & Young: 22 Merger, Acquisition Deals in Bulgaria for January-June 2016

A total of 22  merger and acquisition deals to the amount of USD 600 M have been concluded in Bulgaria in the period January - June, 2016, exactly the same number as in the same period of 2015, showed a survey of international consultancy company Ernst & Young Global Limited.

Foreign investors starting to ask 'how far is Istanbul from Syria?'

Turkey suffered a drop in mergers and acquisitions (M&A) last year of around $7 billion from the year before, as foreign investors start to be spooked by the country's exposure to unrest from neighboring Syria, according to a new report by Ernst & Young (EY). 

The drop comes at a time when the global M&A volume hit record high levels of $5.6 trillion, according to EY.