"I'll miss you, Angela. I truly will" VIDEO

Merkel, let us remind you, is leaving the position of German Chancellor.
"I know that the partnership between Germany and the United States will continue to go stronger on the foundation that you helped being built. On a personal note, I must tell you: I'll miss seeing you at our summits. I truly will," Biden told Merkel, German Bild reports.

Angela Merkel sent a clear message

On the occasion of the upcoming virtual Berlin Process Summit, scheduled for Monday, hosted by Germany, in a video message on Sunday, Merkel said she was happy, although it would only be a virtual meeting, which would allow her to continue working with the heads of state and government of the Western Balkans, launched in 2014 as part of the Berlin process at Germany's initiative.

PM Orban phone conversation with Chancellor Merkel;talks also aimed at situation of Romanian seasonal workers in Germany

Prime Minister Ludovic Orban had a phone conversation with German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Wednesday, with the discussions aimed, among others, at the situation of Romanian seasonal workers in Germany.