The German Chancellor Gave a Press Conference After the Summit in Sofia

"I do not think 2025 is a realistic date for the EU enlargement." This was stated by the German Chancellor Angela Merkel after the end of the EU-Western Balkans summit in Sofia.


"More important is the progress, what has been achieved by the candidates for this membership," Merkel said.

Merkel ahead of meeting with Vucic: We are here to help

Merkel, who spoke first, stressed the importance of the talks conducted in Brussels between Serbia and Kosovo, adding that close cooperation and discussion was important in the process of EU integration.

According to her, Serbia has undertaken encouraging reforms. Merkel commended the Serbian prime minister for this.

A new government for Germany, and its role in the world

After five months without a government, members of the center-left SPD have now voted to join another coalition led by Chancellor Angela Merkel. There has been no great sense of urgency in Germany. Its economy continues to grow, and its politics remain stable. Yet, the weakness of this latest "grand coalition" is bad news for Europe and for the world.

First Day Back at Work and Angela Merkel Tackles Reform of EU

Angela Merkel vowed to prioritise EU integration along with France and turn her attention back to global issues such as Syria as she was formally nominated to return as German chancellor, The Times writes.

Mrs Merkel, 63, sounded a note of urgency after spending about six months mired in coalition negotiations.