Messenia migrant boat disaster

One migrant killed, five injured in crash with coast guard vessel

One person was killed and five were injured in the eastern Aegean when the inflatable boat they were in crashed into the side of a Greek Coast Guard vessel that was pursuing them, Greek authorities said on Saturday.

The incident took place in the sea off the island of ​​Symi on Friday night.

Egyptians remain in detention after Greek court acquittal over shipwreck

Greek police detained nine Egyptians on Thursday saying they could flee the country, despite a court ruling dismissing a case against them over a 2023 shipwreck, one of the deadliest in the Mediterranean.

The disaster shocked Europe and the case has been followed closely in Greece, which has been a gateway to the European Union for thousands of migrants and refugees.

Greek defense team says 9 Egyptians accused of causing deadly shipwreck were misidentified as crew

The legal defense team for nine Egyptian men due to go on trial in southern Greece next week accused of causing one of the Mediterranean's deadliest shipwrecks said Thursday they will argue that Greece has no jurisdiction in the case, and insisted their clients were innocent survivors who have been unjustly prosecuted.