Meteorological phenomena

A red weather alert is in effect: Three parts of Serbia are endangered by a new storm

This was published today on the website of the Republic Hydrometeorological Institute (RHMZ).
In the rest of the country, an orange weather alert is in effect, which indicates dangerous weather.
The area from the Alps, through the Western Balkans and Serbia to the Carpathian region, still expects strong thunderstorm activity today, the RHMZ announced earlier.

Weather in Bulgaria: High Temperatures on the Last Day of the Work Week

It will be sunny before noon. In the afternoon, cumulus clouds will develop in places in Western and Central Bulgaria, but only in some mountainous areas will it rain for a short time.

A light wind will blow from the east-southeast. Hot weather with maximum temperatures mostly between 31°C and 36°C, in Sofia - around 31°C.

Weather in Bulgaria: Sunny and Hot today with Afternoon Rain Showers

Maximum temperatures in most areas today will be between 29°C and 34°C, in Sofia - around 29°C.

Sunny weather will prevail. Around and after noon, cumulus clouds will develop and in some places, mainly in the mountainous, northwestern and extreme eastern regions, short-term rain will fall, it is also possible to thunder. A weak, mostly northeasterly wind will blow.

Weather in Bulgaria: Cloudy and Rainy Today

Cloudy weather will prevail today and in some places, mainly in the western half of Bulgaria, there will be short-term rains and thunderstorms.

There will be no precipitation along the Danube. In Eastern Bulgaria, a light wind will blow from the east-northeast. Maximum temperatures will be between 23°C and 28°C, in Sofia around 23°C.

The most critical days for Serbia are coming, and then... VIDEO

Let us remind you that yesterday there was information that two cyclones are moving towards each other and will collide right over the Balkans.
As said, one cyclone is supposed to bring us showers even more abundant than the ones that are already hitting us. While the other brings even greater heat and fume.

Weather in Bulgaria: Yellow Code for Rain in Western Bulgaria

Today in Western and Central Bulgaria there will be short-term rainfall accompanied by thunder. In some places, the precipitation will be intense and significant in quantity, there are conditions for hail. In Eastern Bulgaria, it will only rain and thunder in some areas, there will be more sunny hours there. A light to moderate wind will blow along the Black Sea from the east-northeast.