Meteorological phenomena

Powerful Tornado in Greece (VIDEO)

A tornado blew off the storages of an entire olive oil factory in the town of Kalamata in southern Greece, NOVA reported.

The strong whirlwind struck on November 4 in the afternoon and was captured by the plant's security cameras, local media reported.

Most of the warehouses have been destroyed. The strong wind also lifted cars that were parked near the plant.

"Tornado" near Indjija wreaked havoc? Two people killed, highway closed VIDEO

Three children suffered injuries.
Around midday today, a strong wind hit the Indjija area and caused complete chaos and collapse. Police believes the tornado-like storm was not the cause of the crash.
The Novi Sad - Belgrade highway is currently closed in both directions at the Indjija loop, media reported.

NIMH: Mostly Cloudy with Brief Showers in some Places

It will be variably cloudy today. Cumulus and cumulonimbus clouds will develop in central and mountainous areas, with brief showers and thunder in some places, mainly in the Rila and Rhodope mountains. A moderate temporarily strong wind from the west-northwest will bring cool air. Maximum temperatures will drop to 26C to 31C. 

Weekend Weather Forecast

Sensible cooling is expected during on Saturday. Bulgaria will fall under the influence of a cold atmospheric front. Summer storms  with heavy rainfall and thunderstorms are expected. There is a risk of hail.