Scorching heat code yellow warning issued for all counties on Aug 13-14

The National Weather Administration (ANM) on Wednesday issued code yellow of scorching heat warning valid for all counties on Aug. 13-14.

In addition, temperatures will move as high as 35 to 37 degrees Celsius, even 38 degrees in some areas, while the temperature-to-humidity index will exceed the critical threshold of 80.

Dam Failure at 2 Reservoirs Most Likely Cause of Floods in NW Bulgaria

Rupturing in the walls of two dams in the northwestern Vratsa district caused the deadly flooding in the town of Mizia in early August.

The findings of experts were reported by the municipal administration in the flood-stricken town, according to private TV station bTV.

Weather Forecaster announces three-day Romania-wide sizzling heat and thermal unease

The National Weather Forecaster (ANM) on Monday issued a sizzling heat announcement effective Tuesday through Thursday all over Romania's territory.

Thus, between August 12 and 14, the heat wave will increase gradually throughout the country, and temperatures will hit scorching heights.

Weather warning issued as rain and hail expected on Wednesday

Authorities issued a weather warning for most of mainland Greece on Wednesday as heavy rain or hail is expected.

The National Meteorological Service said that there would also be strong winds.

The bad weather is expected to move to the northern and eastern Aegean, as well as the Sporades islands and Evia, overnight.

State of emergency in five municipalities

State of emergency in five municipalities

BELGRADE -- Heavy rain that fell in much of Serbia on July 30-31 caused material damage and flooding of homes prompting five municipalities to declare a state of emergency.

This decision was taken in Požarevac, Medvđja, Topola, Sokobanja, and Boljevac, the Interior Ministry announced on Friday.