Weather Forecast: Maximum Temperatures between 6C and 11C

Today, from north to south, clouds will break and rain will stop, at the latest in the far southern areas. Moderate west-southwesterly winds will switch to the northwest and pick up in the afternoon, bringing cold air. Maximum temperatures expected between 6C and 11C. Atmospheric pressure will rise and be higher than the average for the month.

Chief meteorologist Mateescu says 2019 warmest year since 2000

Director of the National Meteorological Administration (ANM) Elena Mateescu told AGERPRES on Tuesday that 2019 was the warmest year in the history of meteorological measurements since 1900, adding that the trend will be rising throughput the century if greenhouse gas emissions continue.

Weather Forecast: Sunny Before Noon, Clouds in the Afternoon

It will be mostly sunny today before noon. After midday, the clouds, mid- and high-level, will increase and thicken. Moderate south-southwest wind will blow, increasing to strong at times in the Western Pre-Balkans.

Maximum temperatures between 6C and 11C, higher in the western half of the Danubian Plain, in Sofia - about 9C.

Weather Forecast: Maximum Temperatures between 2C and 7C

Today, variable cloudiness is forecast, more often considerable, with no precipitation for most of the day. The northwest wind will pick up, becoming moderate, in the Danubian Plain to strong at times. Daytime temperatures will rise, reaching highs between 2C and 7C. Later in the afternoon, from the northeast, moderate wind will start bringing cold air again.

Weather Forecast: Cloudy and Windy

It will be cloudy and windy today. It will be raining, in the Pre-Balkans and the high fields of Western Bulgaria snowing, but with the temperature drop by the end of the day and overnight, the rain throughout the country will turn to snow. Significant snowfall expected in the Rhodope Mountains, on Wednesday night in the Pre-Balkans and northeastern Bulgaria, as well.