Weather Forecast: Maximum Temperatures between 1C and 6C

Today, fog or low clouds are expected to form in plains, valleys and around water bodies, and will mostly last throughout the day,. After midday, light to moderate wind will blow in the east. Maximum temperatures mainly between 1C and 6C, in Sofia about 2C. Sunshine in the mountainous, with temperatures up to 12-13C.

Weather Forecast: Fog or Low Clouds in Many Areas

Today, fog or low clouds will remain almost throughout the day in many areas in the plains, valleys and around the rivers. In these areas daytime temperatures will remain low, mainly between 2C and 7C, while the mountains will be sunny, with temperatures up to 10-12C, in Sofia - about 7C. Atmospheric pressure will be higher than the average for the month.

Weather Forecast: Fog in Some Places, Maximum Temperatures between 4C and 9C

It will be mostly sunny today, with low clouds or fog in lowland areas and along the Danube.

In most areas it will be fairly calm, with light to moderate southwest wind in eastern Bulgaria. Maximum temperatures mostly between 4C and 9C, lower in areas with persistent fog. Atmospheric pressure will drop slightly, but will stay higher than the average for the month.

Snowstorm Rages in the US, at least 3 People were Killed

At least three people were killed in a snowstorm in Alabama, the National Weather Service's local office said in a tweet.

Previously, three people died in Louisiana and one in Texas. The snowstorm is raging for a second day.

"We have now confirmed 3 fatalities near Carrollton in Pickens County" the weather service said and warned the people to take the warnings seriously.

Mostly Sunny Today. The Temperatures will Continue to Rise

It will be mostly sunny today. There will be light wind from west-southwest.

The temperatures will rise further, reaching maximums between 6C and 11C. Atmospheric pressure will drop, but will remain slightly higher than the average for the month.

This is the National Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology (NIMH) weather forecast.