Weather Forecast: Cloudy with Light Rain in Some Places

Today, cloudiness will be variable, more considerable in the afternoon, but light rain expected only in some places, light snow in mountainous areas. A light to moderate wind will continue to blow from west-northwest, bringing cold air. Maximum temperatures between 2C and 7C. Atmospheric pressure is close to the monthly average.

First snow falls in Mount Parnitha as cold snap looms

The slopes of Mount Parnitha, north of Athens, were covered with snow on Thursday after temperatures dipped on Christmas Day. 

According to, the cold snap that gripped parts of the mainland on Thursday was not associated with a cold weather front, dubbed Zinovia, that is forecast for the following days.

Blizzard shuts down ski resort in Pella, northern Greece

Heavy snowfall and gale-force winds shut down the popular ski resort of Vora-Kaimaktsalan in Pella, northern Greece, on Tuesday.

Resort manager Panos Panagiotopoulos told the Athens-Macedonian News Agency that a fierce blizzard kicked up in the area in the early hours of Tuesday, making conditions hazardous at the popular winter destination.

Temperature Record in Australia

Australia has had its hottest day on record. The national average temperature was 40.9 ° C.

The previous record, of 40.3C, was set on January 7, 2013.

Forecasters predict that the peak of the heatwave is yet to come later in the week. And that means the record can be improved again.

High temperatures aggravate the situation with the out-of-control fires.

Important for Drivers! Fog on Struma Motorway and on I-1 Road around Kresna and Strumyani

Drivers are advised to drive with caution and consistent speed on the Struma highway and the first-class I-1 road in the area of Kresna and Strumyani due to fog with a visibility of up to 5 meters, the Road Infrastructure Agency warned.