NIMH: Mostly Cloudy with Showers in some Places - Mainly in the Southwestern Part of the Country

It will be mostly cloudy today. Rain is mainly expected in the southwestern part of the country. Light to moderate southeasterly wind will blow. The maximum temperatures will range between 16C and 21C, reaching 23-24C in places in northeastern Bulgaria. Atmospheric pressure is lower than the monthly average and will continue to decrease.

NIMH: Foggy in the Morning, Mostly Sunny in the Afternoon

This morning, many places in plains and lowlands will be foggy. In the afternoon, the fog will disperse and most of the country will be mostly sunny, with clear high clouds. Light southeasterly wind, increasing to moderate in eastern Bulgaria. Later in the day, in the southwest, clouds will increase and thicken, but only isolated places will see brief rain.

Weather Forecast: Mostly Sunny with Brief Rain

Today, sunny weather will prevail in most of the country. More considerable cloudiness expected across southeastern Bulgaria, where some places will see brief rain. Light to moderate wind will blow from the southeast. Highs between 15C and 20C. Atmospheric pressure will rise and be higher than the average for November.

Powerful Tornado in Greece (VIDEO)

A tornado blew off the storages of an entire olive oil factory in the town of Kalamata in southern Greece, NOVA reported.

The strong whirlwind struck on November 4 in the afternoon and was captured by the plant's security cameras, local media reported.

Most of the warehouses have been destroyed. The strong wind also lifted cars that were parked near the plant.