Serbian Patriarch Irinej urges authorities in Montenegro to "come to their senses"

In an interview for daily "Kurir", he at the same time called on the authorities in Montenegro to "reason and come to their senses", expressing the hope that reason would overcome the problems and that the Serbian Orthodox Church (SPC) holy places would not be seized in that country.

Some call me a warmonger, others a traitor. Decision on Montenegro within 24-36 hours

I do not want to be like them, I want us to be good neighbors, Vucic commented on the situation in Montenegro, adding that Kosovo and Metohija are the territory belonging to our country, but Montenegro and Croatia are not and that the integrity of other countries should be respected.

Media: Palmer withdraws ultimatum?

This shift, as "Kurir" interlocutors explain, could come as Palmer's threats were followed by a sharp response from the Serbian president that Serbia would not suffer humiliation and that the talks were practically meaningless.
Palmer's job, they pointed out, is to restore dialogue, not block it.

"Being a friend of Serbia, genuinely caring for the people in Kosovo is inexcusable"

Gouillon posted on Twitter: "What an outburst of hatred and insults in the Western press over Nobel for Handke. Being a friend of Serbia and genuinely loving the weak and oppressed living in the enclaves in Kosovo and Metohija is obviously inexcusable. Even after 20 years".
The humanitarian then added: "Now at least I know how I will be treated, whatever I do in the future."

Vucic: Solution for Kosovo means no one gets everything, but everyone gets enough

"I have the honor of addressing you as President of Serbia, the country of good and honest people. Last time I was here, it said that the situation in the world was worse in 2016. I would say it's no easier in 2019. I am a little scared, a little worried, but also a little happy that big countries have not mentioned us in their speeches", Vucic said.