Analysis: How can Turkey strike the right balance in youth unemployment and immigration?

As of September 2018, youth unemployment in Turkey stands at 19.4%, a very high ratio by any standard. Youth unemployment is a very serious issue with broad consequences, ranging from the loss of young talents to a skills crisis, from social security issues to social harmony matters.

June's unemployment rate - 3.48pct, lowest in past 26 years

The unemployment rate was 3.48pct at the end of June, at the same level as in the previous month, for the second consecutive month being the lowest value of the unemployment rate in the last 26 years, according to the data released on Monday by the National Agency for Employment (ANOFM).

Compared to June of the previous year, the unemployment rate decreased by 0.69 percentage points.

FinMin Teodorovici: Capping gas prices, a communist practice up to a point, but neccesary due to no competition

The Government's intention of capping gas prices is a communist practice up to a point, but necessary, because on this market there is no competition, and companies raise prices as they please, said Thursday, Finance Minister Eugen Teodorovici, present at the White Book of SMEs launch conference.

The NRA Sealed a Trade Show in the Center of Burgas

Tax inspectors sealed six of the eight temporary shops, which are part of the trade show for Bulgarian goods at Troikata Square for not issuing cash receipts.

Prior to the imposition of the measure, the officers of the Revenue Authority had previously executed a series of control purchases based on the "secret client" principle.

The Gas Prices in Bulgaria Rise by 10.8% from July 1

Natural gas prices will increase from July 1 with 10.8%, energy regulator KEVR reported, quoted by bTV.

Preliminary estimates show that this will lead to an average of 7% more expensive central heating and hot water from next month.

Because of the rise in natural gas prices, it is not excluded that the price of electricity may increase by more than initially projected 2%.