Middle Eastern countries

Diplomats unimpressed by Turkish East Med briefing

In the latest sign of Turkey's expansionist ambitions in the Eastern Mediterranean, representatives of foreign diplomatic missions in Ankara - including a Greek Embassy official - who were briefed about the country's plans for offshore drilling operations were shown maps that violated the sovereign territory of Greece and Cyprus.

US Senator Menendez outlines challenges, strategy for East Med partnership

"I have been a stalwart supporter of the deep American bonds with Greece, Cyprus, Israel and others in the region," US Senator Robert Menendez reiterated in the 15th Manuel Chrysoloras keynote speech on security cooperation in the Eastern Mediterranean in Athens on Monday.

Bi-partisan US Senate Act to end arms Cyprus embargo, offers aid to Greece

A bi-partisan bill - Eastern Mediterranean Security and Energy Partnership Act of 2019 - tabled in the US Senate by Bob Menendez (Dem. - New Jersey) and Mark Rubio (Rep. - Florida) provides for the lifting of the arms embargo on Cyprus, military aid to Greece, and support for the trilateral Greece-Cyprus-Israel energy and defence cooperation.