Mihail Mikov

Bulgaria's Socialists Strike Cooperation Deal with Russian Opposition

Bulgaria's biggest opposition party BSP on Friday signed an agreement to cooperate with A Just Russia (Spravedlivaya Rossiya), a left-wing party.

Mihail Mikov, the head of the Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP) is on a visit to Moscow with a party delegation earlier this week and is attending Spravedlivaya Rossiya's April 22-23 congress.

Key Bulgarian Socialist MP Challenges Party Head at Election

Korneliya Ninova, a lawmaker from the biggest oppostion party, the BSP, has said she is entering the leadership race at the party.

She has confirmed, in an interview with private bTV broadcaster, her participation in the process of electing a new leader for the Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP) due on May 7-8 in Sofia as socialist are t o have a special congress.

Bulgarian MPs Divided over Deputy PM's Candidacy for Education Minister

Lawmakers remain divided as Bulgarian Deputy Prime Minister Meglena Kuneva is expected to be the government's proposal to take over as Education Minister.

Last week Prime Minister Boyko Borisov asked incumbent Todor Tanev to step down, citing "recurring problems at the ministry and the sector."

Healthcare Policy of Bulgarian Cabinet to be Subject of Censure Motion

The Bulgarian government will be subjected to a vote of no confidence over its healthcare policy.

This was announced by the leader of the largest opposition Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP) Mihail Mikov on Thursday.

BSP will initiate the censure motion due to the failure of the government in its healthcare policy.

Bulgaria's Socialist Opposition to Seek No Confidence Vote

Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP)'s leader Mihail Mikov said on Saturday the socialists moght propose to other parties in Parliament a motion of no confidence against the government of Boyko Borisov.

In an interview with private national bTV station, he said energy and healthcare were two sectors where developments required such a motion.

Bulgarian Deputy PM: There Were Attempts at Elections Sabotage

Bulgarian Deputy Prime Minister and Interior Minister Rumyana Bachvarova announced that there was an intended sabotage of local elections held last Sunday.

In an interview for the Bulgarian National Television, Bachvarova stated that two days before the elections, her ministry had initiated specialized operations to prevent exchange of money for votes.