Mihail Mikov

Bulgaria's Two Largest Parties Fail to Reach Agreement on Changes to Constitution

The two largest parties represented in the Bulgarian parliament - GERB and BSP failed to reach an agreement on the tabled constitutional amendments.

This became clear after a brief meeting between Bulgarian Prime Minister and leader of the main ruling party (GERB) Boyko Borisov and leader of the largest opposition party (BSP) Mihail Mikov on Wednesday.

Two Protests Call for Genuine Judicial Reform in Downtown Sofia

Two protests calling for genuine judicial reform are taking place near the building of the Bulgarian Parliament on Wednesday.

Participants in one of the protests will drink coffee in support of the judicial reform and the constitutional amendments and against the alternative proposals of the second largest opposition party - DPS.

Bulgaria's GERB, BSP to Seek Consensus on Constitutional Amendments

The talks on garnering parliamentary majority for the amendments to the Bulgarian constitution will continue on Wednesday.

This will happen at a meeting between Bulgarian Prime Minister and leader of the main ruling party (GERB) Boyko Borisov and leader of the largest opposition party (BSP) Mihail Mikov.

Bulgaria's PM Optimistic about Judicial Reform Vote on Friday

Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borisov is convinced that the judicial reform proposal will pass first reading in Parliament next Friday.

Speaking Sunday in Krichim, he commented that the judicial reform strategy had been approved by a large majority of MPs.
Borisov made clear that he would meet leaders of political parties on Monday and Tuesday over the upcoming vote.

Key Bulgarian Opposition Official Quitting Party

Strahil Angelov, a former lawmaker and now deputy head of one of the Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP)'s local organizations in the capital Sofia, is leading the party.

Along with two other BSP members, Iskra Neycheva and Bozhidar Petrov, Angelov is quitting due to the lack of development within the party which, in his words, is failing to move forward in a constantly changing world.

Sofia City Prosecutor's Office Requests Restart of Trial against Ex PM Stanishev

The Sofia City Prosecutor's Office has submitted to the Sofia City Court a motion for restarting the suspended administrative-criminal proceedings against Sergei Stanishev, former Bulgarian Prime Minister and current MEP and leader of the Party of European Socialists (PES).

Bulgaria Socialist Leader Takes Shocking Pictures of Bulgaria-Serbia Road

A major international road into Serbia which was affected a landslide earlier this year is still unusable, an opposition leader has warned.

"I am not in [Nepal's capital] Kathmandu, as anybody would think, but on an international road linking Bulgaria and Serbia," Mihail Mikov, who chairs the Bulgarian Socialist Party, wrote on Facebook [BG] on Sunday evening.

Bulgarian Socialist Party to Try to Appeal New Debt of BGN 16 B at Constitutional Court

The Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP) has drafted an appeal to the Constitutional Court against the new debt of BGN 16 B.

A motion needs to be backed by at least 48 MPs to reach the Constitutional Court, with BSP having a total of 39 MPs, according to dnevnik.bg.