Mihajlo Pupin

Ministry of Interior: Maximum security closes streets, police asks for consideration

This will lead to changes in the traffic regime in certain parts of Belgrade.
This afternoon, traffic in Belgrade will be temporarily suspended on the highway, towards Belgrade, and all access roads, as well as in Knez Milos Street and in the city's central streets, the police informed.

Legal framework to encourage charity

She also assessed on Wednesday that this is the best example of cooperation between the Serbian government, civil society organizations and private companies.

At the opening of the Philanthropy Festival in Belgrade, Brnabic recalled that charity is in the tradition of the Serbian people and gave examples of Mihajlo Pupin, Ilija Milosavljevic Kolarac and Djordje Weifert.

Serbian mathematics students pick up handful of medals

It would not be wrong to say that Team Serbia has won a world championship this year after all - the high school students' showing in Cluj overshadowed their peers from bigger, economically more developed countries, showing that Serbia is not without reason the homeland of scientist such as Nikola Tesla, Mihajlo Pupin, Milutin Milankovic, and Mileva Maric.

FM talks relations with US, and "binding deal" with Pristina

Dacic was speaking in Washington DC on Friday for VOA, after his coversation with US State Department official Wess Mitchell and ahead of his meeting with US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson.

Dacic said that the meeting with Mitchell was "effectively an introduction into the meeting with Tillerson" with whom he met recently in Vienna.

Port on Danube to be build in co-op with Chinese company

BELGRADE - Serbian Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Infrastructure Zorana Mihajlovic and Founder of China Environmental Energy Holdings Billy Ngok signed a memorandum of understanding and cooperation between Serbia and the company at the Serbian government building, the relevant ministry released.

New Bridge's Grave Look Upsets Belgraders

The opening of a new bridge across the Danube in Belgrade has been spoiled by a row over the black marble panel commemorating the event, which looked remarkably like traditional gravestone - and has since been removed.

The stone was built by the Chinese and brought to Serbia as a gift, the Ministry of Construction, Traffic and Infrastructure, explained.