Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-21

Croatia likely to buy USD 500 million-worth of Israeli F-16s

The Croatian website index.hr reported this on Friday, citing Israeli outlets the Jerusalem Post and the Times of Israel.

Netanyahu met with Plenkovic in Davos, Switzerland, and according to a statement from his cabinet, they "agreed to move forward on the sale of Israeli F-16s to Croatia according to the terms of the tender."

Newly-acquired MiG-29s to enter operational use in June 2018

BELGRADE - The six MiG-29 jets acquired by the Serbian Armed Forces from Russia will be in operational use from June 2018, the RTS reported on Tuesday.

The planes, which arrived disassembled, will be assembled for unveiling at the Batajnica military airport on October 20, the 73rd anniversary of the WWII liberation of Belgrade.

Wikimedia photo

Serbia's new MiGs are 28 years old, generation 4+

The six MiG-29s that Russia has donated and delivered to Serbia will enter service in 2018, RTS is reporting.

All six warplanes will be assembled by October 20, Belgrade Liberation Day, and shown for the first time during the celebrations.

After they have been overhauled and modernized, the MiGs will be classified as generation 4+ military jets.