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Afghan gov't says ready to start talks with Taliban

The Afghan government's negotiating team is ready to begin the long-due intra-Afghan peace talks with the Taliban, President Ashraf Ghani announced in his Eid al-Fitr message on May 24. 

Flanked by his top aides outside the presidential palace's mosque, the Afghan president welcomed the Taliban's unexpected three-day truce declared for the Islamic festival.

Croatia Upholds Officer’s Conviction for ‘Medak Pocket’ War Crime

The Croatian Supreme Court announced on Tuesday that it has confirmed the verdict sentencing former army officer Josip Krmpotic to three years in prison for committing war crimes against civilians during the 'Medak Pocket' operation in southern Croatia, but acquitting him of failing to prevent the killing of prisoners of war.

Amnesty accuses Damascus, Moscow of 'war crimes' in NW Syria

Amnesty International on May 11 said it has documented 18 attacks in northwest Syria carried out by regime and Russian forces over the past year that amounted to "war crimes".    

Russia-backed regime forces have since late April 2019 waged two deadly military campaigns against Syria's last major rebel bastion of Idlib, which has become home for some three million people.    

Turkey’s vice president marks Ottoman victory in WWI

Turkey's vice president on April 29 commemorated 104th anniversary of the historic Ottoman army victory over British forces during the World War I.

"I commemorate all our martyrs with respect and mercy on the 104th anniversary of Kut al-Amara victory, one of the epics of our glorious army full of historical victories," Fuat Oktay said on Twitter.