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Dutch police fire warning shots as Covid riots hit Rotterdam

Dutch police fired warning shots, injuring at least two people, after rioters against a partial Covid lockdown torched a police car and hurled stones in Rotterdam on Nov. 19.

Chaos broke out after a protest in the port city against the coronavirus restrictions and government plans to restrict access for unvaccinated people to some venues.

Putin and Xi Tighten Embrace amid Souring Relations with West

They're not leaders for life — not technically, at least. But in political reality, the powerful tenures of China's Xi Jinping and, as of this week, Russia's Vladimir Putin are looking as if they will extend much deeper into the 21st century — even as the two superpowers whose destinies they steer gather more clout with each passing year.

Minister to take part in debate on urban transport

SGT Tsomokos is organizing on Wednesday an online public debate of the future of urban transport and the contribution of electric mobility in the economy's restart.

Titled "Shaping the Mobility of Tomorrow," the event includes the participation of Deputy Transport Minister Yiannis Kefaloyiannis.

The debate is free to attend after registering at

Greek Coast Guard fires warning shots against migrant boat

Greece's Coast Guard said on Tuesday it had fired warning shots against a vessel which it said was carrying migrants from Turkey to Greece.

The incident took place at about 3.40 a.m. on Tuesday, when a private boat with an unspecified number of passengers attempted to sail towards the island of Rhodes.

Pandemic: Is China perhaps not the problem?

It took a pandemic and an American president with no respect for the rules and no understanding of the fragility of international relations for all hell to break loose, with China at the epicenter. One had to be historically ignorant or in complete denial to fail to see that China's growing strength economically as well as strategically would bring about geopolitical change.

Europe needs to be a superpower, not a superstate

As a European leader once remarked, Europe should be a superpower, not a superstate. Faced with an increasingly powerful and authoritarian China, global warming, the potentially existential challenge of AI, not to mention an aggressive Russia, chaotic Middle East and Trumpian United States, this argument is more compelling than ever. In a world of giants, you need to be a giant yourself.