Milo Đukanović

Djukanovic’s Rollercoaster Ride in Montenegro Must End Soon

Denying that they have offered an "original approach to solving problems in Montenegro", he has commented that the protesters call for a Ukraine-style "Orange revolution", or a French-style "Gillet Jaune" revolt.

"They show an absence of creativity, massiveness or originality," he has mused, concerning the calls for his resignation.

Montenegro Jails Opposition Leader for Refusing to Testify

Police arrested Nebojisa Medojevic, an MP from the opposition Democratic Front, and sent him to jail in the capital Podgorica on Friday to serve a two-month sentence.

He had been convicted of refusing to testify against the former long-term mayor of Podgorica, Miomir Mugosa, in a case involving corruption and misuse of office allegations.

Ex-CIA Officer Denies Aiding Montenegro 'Coup Plot'

The high-profile coup plot trial in Podgorica on Tuesday heard testimony from US security company executive Brian Scott, an ex-CIA operative who the prosecution claims offered to evacuate opposition politicians and protesters from parliament during a violent overthrow of the government that was allegedly planned for October 2016.