Milo Đukanović

Montenegrin PM, dozens more blacklisted by Russia

Montenegrin PM Dusko Markovic, Assembly President Ivan Brajovic, and ruling DPS leader Milo Djukanovic are among the officials on Kremlin's "black list."

Podgorica-based daily Pobjeda writes that they are banned from entering Russia.

Citing diplomatic sources, the newspaper said that the list includes government ministers and MPs who supported Montenegro's membership in NATO.

Montenegro readies to join NATO alliance

Montenegro's Prime Minister Dusko Markovic did not mince his words when Russia last month announced a ban on imports from the Balkan country's biggest winemaker.

"It is clear that the decision is in the context of [Montenegro's] NATO membership," he said, pointing out that Russian citizens had "lost an opportunity to consume the best wines."

Montenegro issues arrest warrant for former top official

The Interpol National Central Bureau for Montenegro has issued an international arrest warrant for Svetozar Marovic.

Marovic is a former high ranking official of the ruling DPS party, who in the past served as president of the State Union of Serbia and Montenegro, and as speaker of the Montenegrin Assembly.

NATO flag waving in Montenegro: "This date will become a part of history"

Photo: MoD of Montenegro

Montenegro celebrated the 4th of April, the day when NATO was established, and on this occasion in front of the Ministry of Defense in Podgorica, next to Montenegro's government, the flag of Alliance was waving.

Minister of Defense of Montenegro Predrag Boskovic on this occasion said that marking April 4 will become a tradition.

Djukanovic Says Russia Wants To Destroy EU

A former prime minister of Montenegro has appealed to the European Union to curb Russia's "destructive" influence in the Balkans.

Milo Djukanovic made the statement on March 14, several months after what prosecutors said was an attempted coup to overthrow Montenegro's pro-Western government and prevent the country joining NATO.