Mineral dust

Martian skies over Athens? Greece’s capital turns an orange hue with dust clouds from North Africa

Skies over southern Greece turned an orange hue on Tuesday as dust clouds blown across the Mediterranean Sea from North Africa engulfed the Acropolis and other Athens landmarks.

Strong southerly winds carried the dust from the Sahara Desert, giving the atmosphere of the Greek capital a Martian-like filter in the last hours of daylight.

African dust creates otherworldly atmosphere

Athens and southern parts of the country were again enveloped in Saharan dust on Tuesday, with hues of yellow and orange creating an otherworldly atmosphere.

The heavy concentration of dust particles affected most people with respiratory conditions "through the degradation of air quality," as pointed out by the Hellenic Pulmonary Society.

Dust storm sweeps across Istanbul, prompting health warnings

A dust storm originating from the Sahara Desert is sweeping across Istanbul, prompting health warnings from experts due to potential adverse effects on respiratory health.

The dust clouds, propelled by strong winds, reached Türkiye from the Sahara Desert and engulfed Istanbul during the midnight hours, impacting some districts.

Expert warns of dust clouds heading from Europe

Dust clouds blowing from Europe will cover Turkey's sky until the next week, a Turkish academic has said.

An Istanbul-based meteorologist, Hüseyin Toros, told state-run Anadolu Agency that desert dust storms that hit Europe and have been active throughout the week are now heading toward Turkey starting from today.