Rare rough ruby goes on show in Dubai ahead of auction

A rare rough ruby dubbed one of the world's biggest has gone on display for the first time ahead of an auction in the Gulf emirate of Dubai.

The 8,400-carat stone, nicknamed Burj Alhamal and weighing 2.8 kilograms, was mined in Tanzania and made its debut at a Dubai hotel on Friday as part of SJ Gold and Diamond's Callisto collection.

‘It’s [Not] Over’: The Past, and Present, of Lithium Mining in Serbia

Protesters block the E-75 highway in Belgrade, Serbia, 27 November 2021. Anti-government demonstrators blocked roads and bridges in Serbia to protest against new laws they say favor interests of foreign investors devastating the environment. EPA-EFE/ANDREJ CUKIC

First time lucky

Artist Recreates Images of Albanian Communist-Era Prisoners’ Lives

An exhibition of drawings by Albanian artist Ina Elezi, based on her conversations with former prisoners who were jailed at Spac, where Albania's Communist regime used political detainees as forced labour, went on display on Sunday at the Destil Creative Hub in Tirana.

Black diamond, largest ever cut, sold

"The Enigma," the world's largest known cut diamond at 555 carats, went under the hammer in London on Feb. 9 for 3.16 million British pounds ($4.3 million, 3.8 million euros) having recently gone on display for the first time.

The rare black, or carbanado, diamond is believed to have been created when a meteorite or an asteroid hit Earth more than 2.6 billion years ago.

Brnabić: The end for Rio Tinto in Serbia, it's over

"We have the requests of environmental organizations. These are the requests that were submitted to the Government on January 12, 2022," the Prime Minister said at a press conference immediately after the government session.
At the final session, the Government Decree on the spatial plan was revoked, Brnabi pointed out.

Rare Mughal era eyeglasses up for sale

A pair of rare diamond and emerald spectacles from an unknown Indian princely treasury will be sold at an auction in London later this month.

The lenses were placed in the Mughal-era frames around 1890, according to auction house Sotheby's.

The spectacles will be offered at auction for $2 million - $3.4 million each, the auction house said.

Rio Tinto’s Planned Jadarite Mine Sparks Protest in Western Serbia

Hundreds of locals from western Serbia, but also activists and opposition politicians from other parts of the country, gathered on Thursday in Loznica, western Serbia, to protest against amendments to the local urban plan to meet the needs of a lithium mining investment by the Anglo-Australian multinational corporation Rio Tinto.