Minimum wage

Swiss Voters Turn Down Minimum Wage, Swedish Fighters

Swiss voters rejected Sunday the introduction of a EUR 3300 worth minimum wage, which would have been the world's highest.

Some 76 percent declared themselves against the minimum CHF 22 (EUR 18) an hour that workers in one of the richest countries could receive under the proposal which was put forward on a referendum, according to the Swiss daily Neue Zuercher Zeitung.

Swiss Voters Reject EUR 3300 Minimum Wage

Switzerland has rejected the proposal to introduce a minimum wage of EUR 18 per hour, the world's highest minimum wage, according to preliminary results of Sunday's referendum.

Supporters of the measure, including trade unions and left-wing parties, stressed the high living costs, while opponents argued that it would increase production costs and unemployment levels.

Labor Minister: Share of Working Poor in Bulgaria at 7-8%

Bulgarian Labor Minister Hasan Ademov has said that the relative share of the working poor in Bulgaria has amounted to 7-8% over the past few years, following EU statistics.

Ademov participated Friday in an international conference on the working poor held under the aegis of the European Works Council.

Trade unions willing to compromise in labor law talks

NOVI SAD – Trade unions’ representatives are willing to loosen up a little in their current talks with social partners on amendments to Serbia’s labor law, but only to the extent they deem not damaging to the unions' members interests, Chairman of the Confederation of Autonomous Trade Unions of Vojvodina (SSSV) Goran Milic said Wednesday.

Troika pushing for lower salaries

 Lenders want public sector pay to drop and no automatic minimum wage rises A man reads the headlines of newspapers hanging from the awning of a kiosk in central Athens on Friday.

The troika has asked Greece to lower wages for new civil servants and to remove automatic pay rises for Greeks earning the minimum wage in the private sector, Kathimerini understands.

Gov't sets minimum wage at RSD 115 per hour

BELGRADE - The Serbian government set on Friday a minimum wage at RSD 115 per hour, without taxes and contributions for compulsory social insurance, for the period between January and June 2014.

Hence, the minimum wage remains the same as it was in the period from March to December 2013, which was also valid in the first two months of 2014.