Minimum wage

Finance Minister Gives up Minimum Wage Freeze Plan

Finance Minister Vladislav Goranov on Sunday backtracked on plans to freeze the minimum wage at its 2014 level in the next year's budget.

Instead, he said he will propose to increase the minimum wage by BGN 40 from its current level of BGN 340 in two steps next year  - to BGN 360 from January 1 and, "in the absence of a major cataclysm," to BGN 380 from the middle of 2015. 

Bulgaria's 2015 Draft Budget Includes Minimum Wage Freeze

Keeping the minimum wage at its 2014 levels and slashing money for salaries in the administration by 10 percent are among the core points of next year's draft budget published on the Finance Ministry's website.

The latter move is related to a process of "optimization" that state structures are expected to undergo in 2014.