Minimum wage

The Confederation of Independent Trade Unions in Bulgaria Will Insist on a Minimum Salary of BGN 700

The Confederation of Independent Trade Unions in Bulgaria (CITUB) will insist on a salary of at least BGN 700 for a young people who graduated university, and who are working in their specialty. Decent pay for overtime is also part of the demands of the unions for which they will fight during the national  protest on Friday, October 27.

Albania Unions Demand Hike in Minimum Wage

Albania's Confederation of Trade Unions, KSSH, is pressuring the government to raise the minimum wage by 17 percent within a year, alongside other requests that would improve the conditions of working people.

KSSH chief Kol Nikollaj told BIRN that they intend to use any democratic means in order to achieve this objective.

Minimum Wage For Bulgarian Teachers to be BGN 836 as of September 1

The minimum wage for a chief teacher will be BGN 836, and for a senior teacher - BGN 792. The minimum wage of a school principal from September 1 will be BGN 950 and the deputy directors - BGN 887.

The Ministry of Education has announced minimum wages in school education as of September 1, 2017, following a promised increase of 15% by the government, according to BGNews.