Ministry of Defence

Troops Of 12 Countries To Hold An Exercise in Bulgaria

Land troops of 12 countries will take part in the international military exercise at the Novo Selo range in Bulgaria. 

Saber Guardian, the largest exercise for this year, starts on Friday and will include 700 troops from Bulgaria, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Moldova, Romania, Serbia, USA, Belgium, Turkey and Ukraine, according to Bulgaria's Defence Ministry.

Serbia, Denmark sign 2014 military cooperation plan

BELGRADE - Officials of the Defence Ministries of Serbia and Denmark inked a plan on bilateral military cooperation for 2014, the Serbian ministry has released in a statement.

The plan was signed during a visit of a delegation of the Serbian Ministry of Defence to Denmark as part of regular bilateral defence consultations.

Rodic visits Croatia

BELGRADE - Serbian Defence Minister Nebojsa Rodic will be staying in a visit to Croatia on Sunday and Monday at the invitation of Croatian Defence Minister Ante Kotromanovic with whom he will discuss improvement of the two countries' defence and security cooperation.