Ministry of Tourism

The first session of the new convocation of the Assembly: the only item on the agenda

Proposal for the Law on Ministries is on the agenda.
The session began with MPs' asking questions, which, according to the Rules of Procedure, is possible for MPs every Tuesday and Thursday, and after that the agenda is expected to be determined.

Greek tourism: High demand for reservations – increase over 2019 in sales at airports

High booking rates and increased sales at airports at levels better than 2019, according to the Ministry of Tourism, indicating a very good season for 2022. However, the Minister of Tourism, Vassilis Kikilias is planning legislative initiatives aimed at preserving and promoting traditional elements of Greek tourism that are also a magnet for our foreign visitors.

Tourism: EOT’s new spot and Otto

A real story is the story of this year's EOT campaign, which focusing on the beauties of the country, aspires to show that Greece is not by chance the favorite destination of millions of visitors.

And who stars in this, but… Otto! And no, we are not talking about Otto Rehagel, with whose help, in the summer of 2004, Greece enchanted Europe and conquered the Euro 2004.

Winter Tourism in Bulgaria: Will a Green Certificate be Required for the Ski Areas?

"An extremely interesting tourist season awaits us. According to a survey by the Ministry of Tourism, 74 percent of Bulgarians believe that the conditions for winter tourism in the country are excellent. But in view of the pandemic, there are a number of requirements that are related to the epidemiological situation that we must comply with.

Greek hotels spearheading recovery

The "day after" for Greek hotels, through the utilization of the available financial tools of the National Recovery Plan "Greece 2.0", was discussed today at the conference on "The next day of the Greek Hotel, utilizing the financial means" co-organized by the Ministry Of Tourism and the Hotel Chamber of Greece, at the Lighthouse of the Cultural Center Stavros Niarchos Foundation (KPISN), with