Missile defense

Anti-drone lasers for the Aegean?

Four decades after the Reagan Doctrine and the launch of the "Star Wars program" to deploy advanced weapons including the use of high-energy laser beams to counter enemy ballistic nuclear attacks, Israel managed to implement Reagan's strategic thinking in actual defense technology by developing the "Iron Beam" air defense system.

Bulgaria and 13 other NATO members agreed on the Joint Purchase of Air Defense Systems

Fourteen NATO allies signed a letter of intent on Thursday to jointly supply air defense systems, Reuters reports.

The allies agreed to jointly purchase air defense systems such as the Patriot and Arrow 3, which are manufactured by Boeing and Israel Aerospace Industries.

The signing ceremony took place at NATO headquarters in Brussels.

They prepare for war with Russia? Now they got answer: "History taught you nothing?"

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said that Polish authorities were taking a "furious attitude on the verge of madness" towards Russia, while Russian senator Alexei Pushkov told Polish officials to learn the lessons of history before they start preparing for war with Russia.
"Poland is preparing for war with Russia? History does not teach the Polish elite anything," Puskov said.

US dangles threat of sanctions against Turkey over planned delivery of more S-400s

US State Department spokesman Ned Price yesterday warned Turkey of the prospect of sanctions if Ankara goes ahead with receiving a second batch of Russian S-400 missile systems - a move which was announced by Russia's state-run Tass news agency and confirmed by the Turkish defence ministry - which were included in the initial procurement deal, but he did not say if Washington's intends to go fo