The Russian Ambassador interferes in Bulgarian Internal Politics

"If I were a Bulgarian citizen, I would vote for the one person I understand - for 'I do not support anyone' or for Kostadin Kostadinov."

This is stated by the Russian ambassador to Bulgaria, Eleonora Mitrofanova, in an interview with Martin Karboski, which was published on his YouTube video blog.

Bulgaria’s Defense Minister: Putin is an Aggressor, I hope Ukraine will Turn the Tide of the War

Acting Minister of Defense Dimitar Stoyanov confirmed the information that Ukraine is making a counteroffensive in the military clash with Russia. According to him, it is still too early to say whether the tide of the war has been turned.

Ukrainian general reported that his troops were advancing north towards the Russian border. Read more here.

Ambassador Mitrofanova will Propose to Putin the Closure of the Russian Embassy in Bulgaria

Ambassador Eleonora Mitrofanova announced that she intends to propose to the leadership of her country to close the Russian embassy in Bulgaria because of Sofia's refusal to cancel the decision to expel 70 Russian diplomats and officials.

Russian Ambassador in Bulgaria: Neo-Nazism is Rising in a Number of European Countries

"We see neo-Nazism rising in a number of European countries. Our sacred duty to the people who gave their lives in the fight against Hitler's Germany, which is more than 30 million people, is to prevent the second wave of the brown plague.

Russian and USSR Flags in the Center of Sofia on the Occasion of May 9 (PHOTOS)

Tensions in front of the Monument to the Soviet Army on the occasion of the May 9 celebrations.

Early this morning, a drone poured yellow and blue paint on the monument, as a result of which volunteers gathered to clean up before the official guests from the traditional March of the Immortal Regiment arrived at the scene.