Mitrovica, Kosovo

Kosovo army has no business in North, Serbs say

According to all international documents, and especially UN Security Council 1244, the only armed force that can enter northern Kosovo, mostly inhabited by Serbs, is KFOR, the Serb List leader told a news conference after the Kosovo Assembly adopted laws allowing for the transformation of the Kosovo Security Forces (KSF) into an armed force.

North Kosovo town adorned with Serbian flags as "response"

Citizens are saying that the flags have been displayed in response to the announced adopted of a law in the Assembly in Pristina to form an army in Kosovo, which will be discussed on Friday.


Also, they say the move came in response to US flags being displayed lately in Pristina, the southern part of Kosovska Mitrovica, and elsewhere in southern Kosovo and Metohija.

Now Albanian wants to become mayor of "united" K. Mitrovica

According to the northern-Kosovo based KoSSev website, Bahtiri is proposing that he should govern a "united (Kosovska Mitrovica."

"I demand that the Kosovo government take all the necessary legal actions to immediately abolish the decision to divide Mitrovica into two municipalities," Bahtiri wrote on his Facebook profile.

Pristina keeps arrested Serbs in "high security" prison

Simic also said that representatives of the emergency HQ (in Kosovska Mitrovica) have spoken with the families of the four Serbs and their lawyers.

The Serbs have been remanded in prison for 30 days. "They are in prison, a center for high security cases, for which there's absolutely no basis to be used in such situations," Simic said.

Kosovo: Serbs protests, columns of cars form, bells toll

According to reports, the protests are taking place on Friday in several Serb communities in Kosovo and Metohija.

The majority of citizens are at the protest in Rudare, where they carry the flags of Serbia and slogans inviting the international community to react. Some of them read, "EU, open your eyes," "Do not starve our children," "We don't want to go to ghettos."