Pensions for ethnic Greeks

The Labor Ministry will soon table an amendment to a bill that would have disqualified people who have not resided in Greece for 40 years from receiving a state pension, government sources said Friday.
The bill would have affected ethnic Greeks from Albania who pay social security contributions in Greece. Ethnic Greeks held a protest rally in central Athens on Thursday.

Transforming New Democracy

Kyriakos Mitsotakis is out to transform New Democracy from a center-right party with clear references to the traditional parliamentary Right, into a centrist, liberal political party. The idea is to turn ND into a party with loose ideological principles which will nevertheless be capable of securing majorities in Parliament by making the requisite adjustments.

Varoufakis submits recordings of Eurogroup talks

The head of Mera25 party and former finance minister Yanis Varoufakis on Friday submitted to Parliament an envelope allegedly containing his secret audio recordings from the Eurogroup meetings while he was negotiating for Greece's SYRIZA-led government in the first half of 2015.
Varoufakis said he expected House speaker Kostas Tasoulas to forward the content to Greek lawmakers.

PM: Creating ‘well-paid jobs’ is a government priority

Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis on Friday reiterated his pledge to focus on creating well-paid jobs to lower unemployment instead of relying on government handouts.

"Creating many well-paid jobs is a government priority," he told lawmakers, opening the debate in Parliament on labor issues.

Bloomberg sees low bond yields, other indicators as signs of Greek recovery

Straight on the heels of a Greek 10-year bond issue with a record low one percent yield (compared to 45 percent one decade ago), Bloomberg is singing the praises of the prospects of the Greek economy and government and touts the once unthinkable possibility of Greek bonds returning to investment grade (even though they are still at the junk level).

Editorial: No more lost opportunities

The international press due to the performance of Greek bonds has lavished praise on the Greek economy.

What was just one year ago considered inconceivable has been attained.

The return on the Greek 10-year bond in one trading session fell to under one percent - a new record low.

The decrease in the cost of borrowing has a positive multiplier effect for Greece.

PM says Greece on growth trajectory after successful market foray

Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis and the foreign press hailed the record-breaking yield for the 10-year benchmark bond, which on Wednesday's domestic electronic secondary bond market fell below 1 percent.

In a tweet on the prime minister's account, Mitsotakis said that "Greece is now on a growth trajectory," making the country a "great opportunity for global investors."

Capable people in the public administration

The public sector is under constant fire, accused of being problematic, unproductive, and often even corrupt. However, we tend to forget that, to a significant degree, we are the Greek state. Many are employed in the public sector and we elect the officials responsible for staffing it - and supposedly evaluating the performance of that staff and ensuring that everything is above board.