Mobile payment

Mobile Is the Most Popular Payment Method in Bulgaria

Across the world, digital payment methods are becoming increasingly widespread. Where once cash was king, consumers are now turning to methods that offer greater flexibility. They no longer want to have pockets full of change or make frequent trips to their nearest ATM; rather, they like to know they have constant access to their money at the click of a button.

New service: Sofia Residents can Buy a Ticket for Underground and Public transport via Phone

In the browser of the phone we enter and after a register by email we can buy a ticket for the whole day or for the night transport. The mobile payments are made either by debit or credit card or by the mobile operator, who adds the price of the purchased tickets to the bill at the end of the month.

In Turkey, finance and technology approaching each other in development

A new breed of Turkish financial technology company (fintech) is bringing cutting-edge high-tech solutions to customers at banks and financial services companies. 

While London and Berlin remain the main hotbeds of fintech innovation, Turkey is increasingly seeking to compete, experts told state-run Anadolu Agency.