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Sofia: With a Bank Card, Instead of a Ticket, you can Travel in the Subway from Today

With a bank card citizens of Sofia can pay for the subway trip from today. All 16 metro stations are equipped with bank card readers, regardless of whether they are debit or credit, CGM reported.

Payment will be contactless, after the third boarding in public transport, the system reports up to BGN 4, which is the price of the daily ticket for all vehicles in Sofia.

How to Install the Covid Green Certificate on your Phone

The requirement to present a covid vaccination certificate when visiting establishments and other public places has made many people remember that they have one, but it is on paper or as a pdf. Others have yet to be vaccinated and will receive one. However, here are some smart ways to make it easy to use over the phone.

New solution in modern payment technologies

ZEN, a licensed European startup offering financial solutions based on modern payment technologies, on Monday announced its official launch in Greece.

The new solution, supported by Mastercard, ensures that both consumers and entrepreneurs have a worry-free experience while managing their payments and shopping transactions, thanks to the unique benefits and extra security.

PayPal Quarterly Payments Jump 85% in Three Years to Hit 3.2 billion in March 2020

Smart devices and a booming global eCommerce market have driven the rapid adoption of digital payments worldwide. Digital payments have changed the payment industry traditionally dominated by cash and credit cards, offering consumers lower fees and faster transfers at the touch of a button.

Limit on contactless payments to rise

Viva Wallet, the company which operates the vast majority of card terminals in Greece, as well as being active in six other countries, said on Monday its equipment has been upgraded and now accepts contactless payments without the card user having to punch in their PIN for amounts up to 50 euros, as banks had requested.

Contactless payment in Turkey soars amid coronavirus fears

Contactless payments via credit and debit cards have soared across Turkey in February and March, the Interbank Card Center (BKM) chairperson has said.

Payments made by contactless cards and mobile payments constituted some 15 percent of all market or store shopping in February, some 10 percent higher than the rate in the same month of 2019, Soner Canko said.