Moldova Runs out of Cash to Pay Gazprom’s August Bill

Moldova will not be able to honour its payment obligations for August for gas from Gazprom, the director of Moldovagaz, Vadim Ceban, told BIRN on Thursday.

"We hope we can get an extension of the payment term. The deadline is August 20, but I think we can also pay on August 22," Ceban told BIRN.

Moldovan Deputy Resigns Over Socialist Party’s Stance on Ukraine

A Moldovan deputy for the pro-Russian Socialist Party, Alla Dolinta, resigned on Wednesday from parliament and from the Socialist Party of Moldova, PSRM, because of the party's stance on the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

"For over four-and-a-half months, in a neighbouring state, Ukraine, which is essentially my home because my parents were born there, is at war," she said.

Moldova Changes Agriculture Minister Amid Drought and Farmers’ Protests

The government of Moldova, led by Prime Minister Natalia Gravrilita, on Friday carried out its first reshuffle, almost a year after taking office, appointing former deputy head of the pro-Western Action and Solidarity Party, PAS, Vladimir Bolea, as Agriculture Minister.

Isolated Transnistria Shaken by Tremors of War in Nearby Ukraine

A few days after Russia invaded Ukraine in February, the Kyiv authorities closed all their border crossing points along the country's 400-kilometre boundary with the breakaway region of Transnistria.

Supply routes were disrupted and the prices of imported goods rose immediately.

Dramatic warning: They are forcing us, we will disappear as a state

"Not only will we lose useful economic relations with our partners in the East due to the Russophobic policy we are pursuing together with the West, but we also risk losing some of our territories," Dodon announced on Telegram, reports TASS.
He assessed that, as a result, Moldova could disappear as an independent state.