More Romanians Fear Ukraine-Related War

Security in Eastern Europe is a growing concern among Romanians, while the number most worried by unemployment and low salaries has fallen slightly, a new poll has revealed.

Around 10 per cent of Romanians are worried about the possibility of a conflict in the region, compared to just 1.4 per cent one year ago, the report from INSCOP polling company said.

Ponta: Revenues from Electrica's listing to be used for Romania-Rep. Moldova energy infrastructure

Prime Minister Victor Ponta said on Monday that all financial resources obtained from the sale of shares of Electrica company, which may be actually listed on the stock exchange at end-June, will be used to invest in the energy infrastructure connecting Romania to the Republic of Moldova.

Russian Leader’s Bomber Threat Nettles Romania

Romania has demanded that Russia clarify its position after a Russian deputy prime minister said he would return to Romanian airspace – to which he had been denied access - in a bomber plane.

Dmitry Rogozin was turned away when his plane tried to fly to Moscow from Moldova’s breakaway Transnistria region.

EU Grants Visa-Free Travel to Moldovans

Moldova on Monday became the first country east of the EU whose citizens have the right to visa-free travel to the 26 European countries that comprise the Schengen area.

Moldova won the approval of the EU for the change after undertaking a series of reforms, including providing secure travel documents and improving border and migration management.

Pro-Russian Separatists in Moldova Alarm Romania

As armed clashes worsen in eastern Ukraine, and after parliament in the breakaway Moldovan region of Transnistria on Wednesday formally asked to join Russia, Romania has expressed growing concern about the situation on its borders.

"Romania entirely supports the independence and the teritorial integrity of the Republic of Moldova,” President Traian Basescu said on Wednesday.