Moldova Detains Suspected ISIS Fighter at Chisinau Airport

The anti-terrorism division of the Moldovan Secret Services, SIS, and the Border Police announced on Monday that they have detained a 28-year-old citizen of Tajikistan who is wanted internationally for his alleged affiliation with militant group Islamic State.

The Tajik citizen was caught while seeking to leave Moldova using a fake Ukrainian passport.

Moldovans Given a Choice: Protest or Holiday

A government decision to gift Moldovans three days off work next week is being seen as an attempt to blunt an opposition protest called for August 26.

August 27 and 31 are already public holidays, but a government initiative to declare the rest of the week off amounts to an invitation to Moldovans to head off on vacation, some political analysts say.

Romania Looks to Diaspora to Fill Labour Shortage

Romania's parliament is to discuss a bill that would allow ethnic Romanians from non-EU countries in the Balkans to get jobs in Romania more easily than other non-EU citizens, to meet a growing labour shortage.

MPs from a number of parties submitted the bill to the Senate last week. It must now be discussed by parliamentary commissions and in plenary sessions.

Iohannis: It's Romania's duty to really support Moldova; bombastic speech not helpful to either nation

It is Romania's duty to really support the Republic of Moldova and the Moldovans, while "bombastic speech in an electoral key" do not help the citizens of either of the two countries, President Klaus Iohannis said on Wednesday after touring the Bucharest International Auto Show (SIAB).