Anti-Covid drug molnupiravir available from next week

Ljubljana – The anti-viral drug molnupiravir will be available for treatment of Covid-19 in Slovenia expectedly from Monday after doses for over 5,700 treatments have already arrived in the country. The medicine will be prescribed to adults, except pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers, who are likely to develop a severe form of Covid-19.

Medical ethics committee approves of anti-Covid drug Lagevrio

Ljubljana – Slovenia’s national medical ethics committee has no reservations towards Lagevrio, a medicine also known as molnupiravir. The committee maintains that the drug brings significant progress in fighting the coronavirus epidemic, as it prevents a severe course of Covid-19 or death.

The Anti-Covid “Merck” Pill turns out as not very Effective

Updated data from the experimental pill for the treatment of COVID-19 by the American company Merck & Co show that its effectiveness is significantly lower than the original report. According to preliminary data from October, "molnupiravir" reduces the risk of death and hospitalization by 50%.

Minister urges to ‘comply with pandemic conditions’


As Turkey's daily COVID-19 cases have been rising steadily in the past few weeks and lingering around 25,000 over the last couple of days, Turkish authorities continue to call on citizens to comply with pandemic measures.

Health Minister Fahrettin Koca once again called on the people to comply "with the conditions of the fight" against the pandemic.

Pfizer starts Testing Covid Prevention Pill

Pfizer announced today it has started a mid-to-late-stage study testing its oral antiviral drug for the prevention of Covid-19 infection among those who have been exposed to the virus, news wires reported. The company and its rivals, such as US-based Merck and Swiss Roche, have been racing to develop the first antiviral pill for Covid-19.