Energy Regulator: Claims of 15-20% Increase in Electricity Bills from July 1 Unfounded

There is no reason to claim that there will be a 15-20% increase in people's electricity bills from July 1, Chairman of the Energy and Water Regulatory Commission (KEVR) Ivan Ivanov said during a press briefing, Focus News Agency reports.

A country on hold

History is repeating itself. Yet another Greek government has decided to stop every reform - or stop pretending it is implementing any reforms - and start handing out benefits.

Greek state officials have effectively put their pencils down and nothing is happening. 

Privatizations have frozen, and any big symbolic moves have been put on hold. 

Russia has Invited Bulgaria to Renegotiate Gas Prices

Russia has invited Bulgaria to renegotiate gas prices, Bulgaria's Energy and Water Regulatory Commission chairman Ivan Ivanov told BNT on 5th of September.This became possible after Brussels launched an anti-monopoly case because of the raised prices at which Gazprom sells blue fuel to eight countries in the European Union, including Bulgaria.