Croatian, Montenegrin Presidents Accuse Vucic of Reviving Serbian Nationalism

Montenegrin and Croatian presidents, Milo Djukanovic and Zoran Milanovic, in Zagreb. Photo: President of Montenegro

During his visit to Croatia, Djukanovic said Serbia's President, Aleksandar Vucic, was reviving the retrograde political messages of the wars of the 1990s in former Yugoslavia.

Djukanovic has a new plan to neutralize Serbia?

Whether that will really happen is unknown for now, but these days, there are suggestions for just that - for America to be more engaged in Montenegro. According to Blic, they come from former American diplomats who, in addition to that idea, warn of "Serbian nationalism in the country", but also of Moscow's attempts to "use it to destabilize the Balkans".

"Abazovic stabbed us in the back"

This statement came after Abazovi said that he would overthrow the Government if the Minister of Police, Sergej Sekulovi, is replaced.
The party of the President of the Assembly, Aleksa Bei, estimates that Abazovi "stabbed a knife in the back" to all those with whom he was in the coalition and who were his superiors, and that he continues "in his recognizable style".

Montenegro Pledges to Hold Census by Year’s End

Montenegrin government session in Podgorica. Photo: Government of Montenegro

"The Montenegrin Statistical Office will hold the census of Montenegrin citizens and of foreigners living in Montenegro who have permanent or temporary residence in Montenegro. Among other things, data on ethnicity, language and religion will be collected," the draft law proposal says.

Djukanovic introduces a state of emergency?

The announcement by Montenegrin President and DPS opposition leader Milo Djukanovic that if Metropolitan Joanikije's enthronement is not removed from Cetinje, he will join the protest against the act is an additional problem for the police on how to secure a rally attended by the country's first man, a protected statesman, Pobjeda reports.

Montenegrin PM, Ex-Police Chief Spar over Church Protests

Montenegrin PM Zdravko Krivokapic (left) with police officials. Photo: Government of Montenegro

Krivokapic filed his criminal complaint against Veljovic on Wednesday for calling on police officers to support protests during the Orthodox Church ceremony in Cetinje, the old royal capital of Montenegro