Tensions Rise in Montenegro After Protesters Clash with Police

The rector of the Cetinje school of theology, Gojko Perovic, called for calm on Monday after a series of incidents between police officers and opponents of the new law on religious freedom, who believe the legislation is intended to undermine the role of the Serbian Orthodox Church in the country.

"There can be neither Great Serbia nor Great Albania, it can only be great tragedy"

"Don't allow your religious freedom to be abused the way it is being abused these days in Montenegro, and it is being abused to bring down Montenegro", President of Montenegro and the Socialist Democratic Party said Monday at a session of the municipal committee of that party in Tivat.

Church Cancels Protest Walk in Montenegro’s Old Capital

A Serbian Orthodox Church protest in Montenegro against the newly adopted law on religion, due to take place in Cetinje on Thursday night, has been canceled over security concerns. The Church has since announced that it is shifting the event from a protest walk in the town to an event inside the local monastery.

"Some still believe that Montenegro belongs to Serbia"

"It is part of the rule of law and the system of registration of real estate and potential state property, especially given the fact that Montenegro has gone through so much, if I may say , the change of states since independence before the First World War", senior associate at the Center for European Policy Analysis Janusz Bugajski told "Voice of America", commenting on Serbia's reactions to t

When we launched the initiative, there were 117 signatories, now 97, still declining

When we embarked on a diplomatic offensive, 117 countries recognized Kosovo. Now that number is at 97, Dacic said on TV Happy's talk show "Cyrillic" last night, stressing that it was a bad thing that we did not have diplomatic relations with some countries.