Montenegro Marks Rise in COVID-19 Cases as Tourists Arrive

Tourists taking photos of a ship in the Boka Kotorska bay, Montenegro. Photo: BIRN/Samir Kajosevic

The head of the Institute for Public Health, Igor Galic, on Wednesday said the epidemiological situation in Montenegro is complex, and the number of new infections could increase in the next weeks.

Ex-President Marovic’s Jail Sentence in Montenegro Partly Expires

Svetozar Marovic, ex-president of the former State Union of Serbia and Montenegro and once a close associate to the current Montenegrin President, Milo Djukanovic, has for years hidden from justice in Serbia, avoiding serving a prison sentence at home of three years and nine months for corruption.

Vučić: "We will destroy the drug gang, we will cut off the head of the mafia"

During the show, disturbing footage of the murder of Vlastimir Milosevic in March 27th Street in Belgrade at 6.50 a.m. was shown.
"This is a conflict between two clans, something that was imported to Serbia from Montenegro, this is a war between the Kavac and Skaljari clans," said Vucic.

Yugoslav Ex-Royals Urge Montenegro to Return Confiscated Property

Descendants of the last Yugoslav king, Petar II Karadjordjevic, have called on the new Montenegrin government to do more to give them back property they claim belongs to their family.

The family lost its assets in Yugoslavia after the communist takeover following the end of World War II, when the country became a republic.