Not even 15 years

So, instead of life, special police guard Epaminondas Korkoneas got 13 years. Not even 15 to match the age of his victim, Alexis Grigoropoulos, to represent - if only symbolically - each year of a life that was so violently terminated on December 6, 2008, on Tzavella Street in the downtown Athens neighborhood of Exarchia.

Editorial: Viewing the new criminal code responsibly

Once again an institutional reform that was intended to remedy chronic dysfunctions and weaknesses of the justice system, the revamping of the criminal code, has become an arena of political clashes and criticism.

Even worse, a large segment of public opinion gets the impression that it serves certain vested interests and ulterior motives.

Migrants found in car trunk

Amid a spike in undocumented migration over the Greek-Turkish land border, a 22-year-old man faced a prosecutor in Thessaloniki over the weekend on charges of attempting to smuggle eight undocumented migrants into the country, two of them in the trunk of his car.

Greek Police Detained a Bulgarian Truck Full of illegal Immigrants

The Greek police stopped a truck with stolen registration numbers and found 59 illegal immigrants.

The truck was stopped Friday afternoon on a highway, about 30 kilometers east of Thessaloniki, as it traveled with signs with a Bulgarian registration that were declared stolen.

Police in northern Greece stop truck with 59 migrants inside

Greek police say they have stopped a truck with stolen license plates and found 59 undocumented migrants inside.
The truck was stopped Friday afternoon on the highway about 30 kilometers (20 miles) east of Thessaloniki, because it had Bulgarian license plates that had been reported stolen.