29 illegal Immigrants were Detained in the Filipovtsi Quarter of Sofia,

29 illegal immigrants were detained in Sofia's Filipovtsi district. There are children among them. According to Nova TV, the smallest of them is 4 years old.

They are currently detained in the 9th RPM and the police are looking for a translator to find out where are they from. The informal information is that it may be from Pakistan or Afghanistan.

Near Our Border with Turkey 37 Migrants Were Caught While They Were Trying to Cross It without Any Documents

The gendarmerie caught 37 undocumented migrants on Sunday, preparing to cross illegally the border, BTA reported.

The migrants planned to cross the Turkish-Bulgarian border in the Demirköy and Kochshaz area, the Anatolian agency said. They were taken to the Kirklereli County Migration Directorate.