Moria migrant camp on Lesvos breaks new record with nearly 14,000 residents

The notoriously overcrowded migrant and refugee processing center on the eastern Aegean island of Lesvos broke a new record on Tuesday, when its population reached more than 13,800 people.

This is more than the camp, which was designed to accommodate just 3,000 people, has ever held.

Greece Transferred 570 Migrants From Lesbos to Thessaloniki

Greek authorities have transferred about 570 migrants from an overcrowded camp to the island of Lesbos, officials said. A regular ferry left Lesbos on Sunday night, transporting migrants living at Camp Moria, Kathimerini reports.

Authorities say it is part of a plan to reduce overcrowding at the camp, where about 13,000 people live in a space designed for 3,000.

Refugees in Lesvos camp decry conditions, 'death better than this'

Jan Ali Razaiem said he made the long journey from his home in Afghanistan to Greece for a better future for his two sons. Instead, he has been forced to settle for the squalor of Moria, a filthy overcrowded migrant camp on the island of Lesbos where fights over food are common, violence is rife and he is forced to share a small tent with 16 people.

Editorial: Multiple responsibilities for the shame of Moria

The latest tragedy in Moria did not come out of the blue. \

It was well nigh unavoidable since everyone knew that a camp that was designed to house 3,000 people now has 13,000 people living there.

Φυλακές : Απειθαρχία, υπερπληθυσμός και υποστελέχωση τα προβλήματα στις φυλακές

Clearly the situation is out of control after the recent hike in refugee and migrant flows.

‘Moria is hell’: Asylum seekers protest conditions at Greek camp

Hundreds of asylum seekers protested conditions at Greece's biggest migrant camp on Lesvos on Tuesday after a woman was killed in a fire there, marching towards the island's capital before being halted by police.
More than 12,000 people - mainly from Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq - live in Moria camp, which has grown to become the island's second largest town in just three years.