Dozens of historically significant religious icons recovered by police

Experts have confirmed that at least 20 religious icons from a haul of more than 50 seized by the police in Athens on Wednesday are historically significant and protected by cultural heritage laws.

The icons were seized in the southern Athens suburb of Moschato from a 43-year-old man who claimed to have acquired them from a woman, aged 74, who has also been arrested. 

Molotov cocktails thrown by minors after student rivalry

An incident of violence occurred on Thursday at the 2nd High School of Moschato in southwestern Athens when a group of about ten people carried out an attack with Molotov cocktails.

Around 2 p.m. on Thursday, three Molotov cocktails were thrown, while only one exploded. 

No injuries were recorded, while the police arrested eight minors for violating the arms law.

Officers involved in deadly pedestrian crash released  

Two police officers detained after hitting and killing a pedestrian with their patrol car in southern Athens on Wednesday were released, state-run broadcaster ERT reported Thursday. 

According to eye-witness testimonies, no evidence emerged that they had run a red traffic light, ERT said, though the official investigation is still under way.

A rebetiko sensation with a laika heart

Apostolos Nikolaidis started working in construction at the age of 13, singing as he climbed the scaffolding. "Give us another song," the other workmen would shout when he stopped. As a teenager in Thessaloniki, he sang along to the bouzouki played by other boys in the neighborhood, before sneaking off to Athens with dreams of becoming a professional singer.