Descendants of Bosnian and Armenian Migrants Keep Ancient Ways Alive in Albania

Kapidani is cataloguing any documents that he can find about his ancestors. "We've collected documents and testimonies from the elders, aiming to reconstruct their trip by land and sea," Kapidani told BIRN.

Back in the 1870s, Bosnia and Herzegovina, one of the most culturally diverse parts of the Balkans, was mired in a multisided conflict.

Bosnian Pupils Taken on Religious March ‘for the Unborn’

High school pupils in the city of Mostar in south-west Bosnia and Herzegovina were taken by their school on Thursday on a 'Walk of Love for the Unborn', a Catholic religious march through the city, media reported.

It was not clear from the media reports if the pupils' consent or that of their parents was sought for their participation.

Brnabic meets with Covic, Kristo in Mostar

MOSTAR - Serbian PM Ana Brnabic met on Tuesday in Mostar with Deputy Chairman of the House of Peoples of Bosnia and Herzegovina Dragan Covic, who also chairs the Croat People Caucus of Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as with Chairwoman of the Bosnia and Herzegovina Council of Ministers Borjana Kristo.

Brnabic is in Mostar for the city's annual international economic fair.