Mount Vesuvius

Etna Volcano Erupted Again

Etna, the word's most active volcano, erupted and threw into the air a pillar of ash 4.5 km high into the sky in Sicily

Volcanologists and seismologists have detected volcanic activity in a crater on the southeastern slope of Mount Etna at night. 

The ashes were erupting for three hours.

The volcano is now under surveillance. /


Pompeii of Anatolia becomes more popular after UNESCO recognition

The ancient city of Priene, which is dubbed the "Pompeii of Anatolia" due to its unique plan and well-preserved structures in the western province of Aydın, has seen an increase in the number of visitors after being included in the UNESCO Tentative List of World Heritage on June 6. 

Roman Ruins Discovered Under Site Earmarked For French Housing Estate

Ruins of an ancient Roman neighbourhood described as a "little Pompeii", have been discovered on a site intended for social housing in southern France, The Independent reported.

Called an "exceptional discovery" by the French culture ministry, the 7,000sq m (75,000 sq ft) find in Vienne, a small town to the south of Lyon, includes luxury house and public buildings.

Naples Tower Block Collapses and People Feared Trapped

A four-storey block of flats has collapsed near the city of Naples in Italy and at least six people are feared trapped, Sky News reported.

Firefighters are digging through rubble with their hands and passing debris out in buckets as they frantically try to save victims.Two families, including children, are thought to be among those being searched for.