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Bulgaria's Mountain Rescue Service Warn of Considerable Avalanche Danger

Bulgaria's Mountain Rescue Service on 25th of January warns of high danger of avalanches in the mountains, reports BNT. 

Considerable avalanche danger prevails in Pirin mountain, where the showfall was significant and storm-strong winds have deposited fresh snowdrifts on the slopes.

One skier is enough to trigger an avalanche in such locations, the rescue service warns.

Bulgarian Mountain Rescue Service Warns of High Avalanche Danger

Bulgaria's Mountain Rescue Service warns of high danger of avalanches, reports BNT. 

The leeward slopes are especially dangerous. Everyone who chooses the mountains for the holidays has to observe several basic tips, Zapryan Horozov from the rescue service told BNT on 28th of December.

Mountain Rescue Teams Searched for Tourist near Rila Monastery

Sofia. Mountain rescue teams searched for a tourist in the area of the Rila Monastery last night, the Mountain Rescue Service to the Bulgarian Red Crosstold Focus News Agency. The search operation started at 7.30 pm on Sunday and continued until 2.00 today. The man has a sprained ankle.

Rescuers Warn of Considerable Danger of Avalanches in Bulgarian Mountains

The director of the mountain rescue service, Radko Markov, warned on Friday that there is a considerable danger of avalanches occurring in the Bulgarian mountains.

Markov recommended to tourists to prepare well before going out in the mountain by researching the route and avoiding areas prone to avalanches in order to minimise the risks of being engulfed by an avalanche.