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In Bulgaria, European Elections Only Confirm Status Quo

Bulgaria's elections bucked several perceived trends throughout the EU. For one, there was no Green wave. In Bulgaria, as in the rest of Eastern Europe, green parties remain a negligible force. As if to drive that point home, the youth climate-strike movement that mobilized many youngsters in various countries across Europe failed to make any headway in Bulgaria.

European Elections in Bulgaria: Results Based on 100% Tally Sheets Processed

Bulgaria's Central Election Commission on May 28 published data based on 100% of the tally sheets processed by the regional election commissions show that five Bulgarian parties will have seats in the next European Parliament, reports BNT, 

Voter turnout in Bulgaria's elections for Members of the European Pareliment held on May 26 was 33,27%.

With Almost 100% Processed Protocols: Democratic Bulgaria Won the Vote Abroad

They earn 6,918 actual votes, reported NOVA TV. 

With 99.48% processed protocols outside the country, 28.75% of all votes are won by Coalition Democratic Bulgaria / Yes, Bulgaria and Democrats for a Strong Bulgaria (DSB) /. They earn 6,918 actual votes.

Second is PP GERB, which gains 22.16%, or 5 333 votes for Bulgarians who have voted abroad.

GERB Wins the European Parliament Election, 5 Parties Pass the Barrier

GERB wins the European Parliament elections in Bulgaria.

According to the Gallup International  at 19:00, the ruling party receives 30.5% of the vote. The Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP) is in second place with 25.4 and the third place is the Movement for Rights and Freedoms with 12.8.

Polls Predict Close Contest between GERB and Socialists in Bulgaria at European Elections

At the end of the campaigning ahead of Bulgaria's May 26 European Parliament elections, Prime Minister Boyko Borissov's centre-right GERB party has 31.1% support of the voters and the Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP) 26.6%, according to the results of a poll by Alpha Research released on May 23, reports BNT. 

BSP Increases Its Electoral Support

The electoral support distance between the two main political parties in Bulgaria GERB and the Bulgarian Socialist Party has increased from 1.5% to 2% in favor of BSB by May 8, the latest survey of Mediana sociological agency shows. BSP would receive 31.9% of the votes and GERB would earn 29.9% of the votes if elections were held now.

What are the Electoral Attitudes in Bulgaria Before the Start of the European Election Campaign?

A week before launching the election campaign, two sociological agencies published forecasts of electoral attitudes.

The study of the Trend Research Center was conducted between 5 and 12 April among 1008 people.