Movement for Rights and Freedoms

President Rumen Radev Urges Parties Towards Responsible and Constructive Attitude at National Assembly

The Bulgarian head of state urged political parties to have a responsible and constructive attitude at the National Assembly, and to unite on topics important to society. President Rumen Radev started consultations for handing the mandate to form a government, the press secretariat of the head of state announced, quoted by Focus News Agency.

DPS Does Not Aim at Cabinet Positions at All Costs

After consultations with President Radev, chairman of the  Movement for Rights and Freedoms, Mustafa Karadayi, said that with the current configuration in parliament, it was up to the political forces to draw up a program for governing the country by the end of the Bulgarian EU presidency and to form a parliamentary majority around this program.

44th Parliament to be Unveiled Today

The newly elected 44th parliament will have today its initial session. The National Assembly is summoned with a decree of President Rumen Radev and the eldest MP present will unveil it, following the Constitution. This will be the journalist Toma Tomov from the socialists, elected in Blagoevgrad.

A total of 5 political forces enter this parliament:

GERB - 95 MPs

An Important Political Week Begins

It is expected that during the next few days Boyko Borisov to meet with the leaders of the Bulgarian Socialist Party and  Movement for Rights and Freedoms (MRF) at the National Assembly building.

The reason for the upcoming meeting is not the future cabinet but the tension in Southeastern Europe, migration flows and the Presidency of the European Union.