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National Palace of Culture With Abmbition of Being the Number One Producer of Cultural Events in Bulgaria

The National Palace of Culture sets the ambitious goal of being the number one producer of cultural events in Bulgaria. The leadership of the National Palace of Culture today presented its main tasks for the next two years - an even richer program, affordable ticket prices and more viewers.

In the coming months Hall 1 will again host concerts of Bulgarian  and world celebrities.

Daganth | Athens | To March 31

Social media favorite Anthimos Dagas, AKA Daganth, is showing a collection of his signature street photography, snapshots capturing small dramatic, unexpected, humorous or just plain bizarre moments in an otherwise mundane setting, at the Andora cinema in Ambelokipi. The show in the theater's foyer runs through March 31 and is open to the public daily from 8 to 11 p.m.

Japanese Star Akiko Nakayama Returns to Sofia with a New Performance and Exhibition

The Japanese star who was in Sofia presenting her performance Alive Painting around this time last year is coming back. The reason is the great interest in the House of Cinema in December 2017 when the artist immersed the whole audience in stories, going through the whole spectrum of emotions to come out purified and still, reports TransmediumNews. 

Spanish-Language Festival | Athens | June 1-6

The third Spanish-Language Film Festival at the Ellinis open-air movie theater features a dozen selections from the Spanish-speaking world, a few presentations from the directors themselves, and fun parallel events. Details about the event, which runs through Wednesday, June 6, are available on the festival's website at

Limited Access to the Building of National Palace of Culture from April 17 to 20

Access to the building of the National Palace of Culture (NDK) will be limited from 17th to 20th April, the National Palace of Culture said on 16th of April. The measure is due to high-level events from the calendar of the Bulgarian Presidency of the Council of the EU, which will take place in the building.

Ethnofest | Athens | To November 26

Ethnofest 2017, a celebration of ethnographic films from around the globe, is taking place at the Astor Cinema through Sunday, November 26. Screenings include "Before the Wave" by Molly Willows (Thailand & Myanmar), "The Feel of History" by Lise Zurne (Netherlands & Indonesia), and "Going Illegal, A Border Diary" by Anna Wilma Xilakis (Greece).